Wordless Wednesday

The Flowers of Hawaii

A visit to the Botanical Garden of Hawaii





12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow, what great shots. The gardens in Hawaii are always so breathtakingly beautiful. I’m so happy that the two of you had such a wonderful time.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂


    1. Time did not permit us to see the entire garden. We could have spent the entire day here.

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  2. flowers are sure different then in Idaho. Not sure if there a deer promblem but deers keeps munching mine.
    I played if you have time stop in for a cup of coffee


    1. Not only are some of the flowers different, they are huge.


  3. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful photos of all the gorgeous flowers of Hawaii. The shapes and colors are really breathtaking. Hope it was a fantastic trip. Have a great day


  4. Beautiful. The tropics always are. It makes me wonder if even i could grow something there.


    1. You could definitely grow something there, but the humidity might be more that you want to deal with.


  5. You’ve outdone yourself, these photos are beautiful.


    1. The secret here is location, location, location! All I did was capture what was in front of me.


  6. W O W !!! So much beauty it overwhelms you 🙂


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